Does Dining Out With Food Allergies Feel Exhausting and Overwhelming?

We are going to fix that feeling in this mini course with my favorite dining out tool - the Chef Card!
For years, I felt exhausted by the entire dining out process. With multiple food allergies, having to continuously explain them was tiring. I also worried that my message might not get conveyed correctly to the kitchen.
I realized that when I traveled outside of the U.S. and was consistently using a Chef Card, my feelings of overwhelm from the entire process lessened significantly. I started using a chef card consistently when dining out at home and it was a game-changer for me and I know it will be for you too!

Meet Your Educator

I’ve been writing, blogging, and educating in the food allergy community over the past decade. You may also be familiar with my site,, an educational lifestyle and travel website for families and individuals with food allergies since 2008. I grew up with multiple anaphylactic food allergies to four of the top eight allergens (including peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish, along with less common food allergens) since I was a baby, so the only dining experiences I have ever had have been with food allergies.

Over three decades, I have learned the most effective strategies to have the best dining out experiences possible and now I am delighted to share them with you!

With my Master's degree in Education and over a decade of teaching experience, I am excited to bring you this empowering course that will help those with food allergies dine out as safely as possible!

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